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CURA-Tek Assessment Process
  • CURA-Tek has established a number of proven and flexible assessment processes which can be easily modified to meet client needs.
  • “Speed to Market” Assessment: This process focuses on the client’s project performance. It evaluates each phase or major activity of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This is done using surveys, scorecards and comparisons to industry data. Based on the project scores a detailed and consolidated analysis is performed. The assessment concludes with a presentation to the client with the findings, recommendations and tangible benefits.
  • “Quality Assurance” Assessment: Although much more focused than the overall SDLC evaluation, this assessment utilizes custom interviews and surveys as well. It concentrates on the QA and Testing Phase and it examines the client’s current practices and processes. These results are then compared to industry best practices in order to develop recommendations. Again the assessment concludes with findings, recommendations and benefits presented to the client.
  • The CURA-Tek Assessment process is meant to be tailored to the client’s needs. Customized surveys and scorecards are crucial in making sure that the most value is derived from each evaluation!



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